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The New Face of the Euro exhibition

The New Face of the Euro exhibition

10 January to 10 March 2013, Archaeological Museum, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The New Face of the Euro is a travelling exhibition that presents the Europa series banknotes in an accessible and interactive way.

The exhibition includes:
• A preview of the new €5 banknote with its enhanced security features.
• A vase from the Louvre museum that is over 2,000 years old and shows Europa, a figure from Greek mythology. The face of Europa has been incorporated in the hologram and watermark of the new banknote series.
• A film about the introduction of the second series of euro banknotes, with a focus on Europa.

In addition to these highlights, the exhibition contains many other items of interest for young and old alike, such as:

• Touch screens and games on euro banknotes and coins.
• Genuine or fake? A side-by-side comparison.
• A section on the history of money including a fascinating display of ancient coins from the Museum's collection.

The New Face of the Euro exhibition is open from 10 January to 10 March 2013 at the Archaeological Museum.